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In the current digital world, no one is immune from all sorts of threats. Seriously, every time you connect to the Internet, you arbitrarily make yourself a target for attacks. But what to do then, how to be? The answer is prosaic. As in real life, you need to monitor your security very carefully, so in a virtual one you need to do the same. To do this, you will need antivirus software.

If now you have such questions, then our material will help you to find the answers to them. Note that here we give only a general picture when choosing an antivirus without mentioning any specific programs. The rating of the best antiviruses will be in our further materials.

Your choice – paid antivirus

A lot of people, remembering the saying about free cheese, try to protect their computer with paid antivirus software. Having paid for the anti-virus, you get a module for protection against viruses, protection against fraud and a firewall. Also, depending on the software developer, you can get network protection and account control, the function of backing up your data and creating restore points. In addition, companies better support products for which they are paid money. With the software collection it is possible.

Agreed, it looks good. But, for the whole complex of protection you have to pay a lot of money a year (about $ 100). But here it is worth noting that companies now offer a very flexible pricing policy for their products. So, in most cases, you can choose only the antivirus functionality that you think is necessary. In addition, the cost of the anti-virus program is affected by how many computers you want to install it (the more machines you want to protect, the more expensive the license costs).

Your choice is free antivirus software

If you want to protect your computer from threats, it’s not always necessary to buy an expensive license for an antivirus program. So, your operating system right out of the box already has a basic set of anti-virus protection. For example, in Windows 10 already comes with a regular antivirus Windows Defender. In addition, on the Internet, you can easily find a lot of free antivirus programs. And not necessarily these programs should be from some incomprehensible companies. Conversely, manufacturers of expensive and powerful integrated antivirus packages also offer free solutions with basic functionality. Well, no one prevents you from using several free antiviruses that can complement each other and provide comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats. A good choice among free antivirus software will be.

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